Ukraine Christian Ministries

Since 1993

Aid for those in need

It is some years since we were able to send big Lorries with Humanitarian aid.

But UCM still endeavour to help those who are in need and in difficult situations.

We collect donations of clothing, footwear and other items. Colleagues at Alfold Aid Enterprise receive these donations, sort and pack them. With the permission of people who donate to us, some items are sold and raise finance for UCM. However, other items are boxed up and sent via a courier to Ukraine. They are given to people most in need. The Director of the Social Services for villages around Zolotonosha, receives help from UCM, i.e. clothing or footwear for his pensioners. We have refugees from the conflict in the East of Ukraine who are now living in our area; they have needs which we help to meet. There is no NHS so to speak in Ukraine, so UCM help with finance for folks who need operations, treatment and specialist medical care.